Specials Program


Our Approach

FACE uses research and evidence-based practices to design instruction that improves the education, behavior, and communication of individuals with autism. All instruction is aligned to the subject standards written by the Florida Department of Education and the individualized goals written by each student’s IEP Team.  

Access Points

Students who have significant cognitive disabilities (as determined by the IEP Team) can participate in alternate instruction and assessment aligned to Access Points of state standards. These Access Points were developed so that students with significant cognitive disabilities could demonstrate understanding of the same curriculum by participating in similar but simpler cognitive tasks with instructional support. Students instructed in Access Points are participate in the Florida Standards Alternative Assessment and End of Course exams as required at the end of each school year.

Core Instructional Programs Used at FACE

Unique Learning System
An online instructional program that is specifically designed for students with special needs. All lessons are aligned to both state standards and Access Points then differentiated into three levels of participation to accommodate a variety of diverse learners.

An online instructional program that posts news articles about Current Events, World News, Sports News, or Entertainment News. Each article is differentiated to accommodate a variety of reading levels so that all students can know and enjoy the news. Each weekly issue is posted with related readings and worksheets to extend learning as well as games and activities to engage in the content in new and interesting ways.

i-Ready Florida
Ready Florida is a rigorous instruction and practice program for English Language Arts, Writing, and Mathematics that fully prepares students for the Florida Standards in a highly supportive way, while providing teachers with step-by-step, point-of-use professional development to teach the standards most effectively. Built for on-grade level instruction, i-Ready also features a Diagnostic Assessment to measure student abilities, and automatically creates an online intervention targeting deficits and below-grade level skills.

An online instructional program that utilizes simple but engaging animated videos to introduce topics visualization to describe complex or abstract concepts. Additionally, each video utilizes humor with familiar characters to keep students engaged and interested in exploring the topic.